SPORTSROYALS Dip Parallel Bars

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Loading Up to 400LBS

The Sportsroyals dip station is made of 1.5mm thick cold rolled steel pipe, the 1.5 IN steel pipe provides an excellent loading capacity up to 400LBS.

Outstanding Stability

The base of the Sportsroyals parallel bars is made of two oval pipes. Compared with the round pipes, the oval pipes have a wider contact area to the ground and provide more loading points, which make them more stable than the round-pipe base.

No Pressure to Shoulders

The unconnected base allows you to choose the most comfortable distance of the dip bars to avoid shoulder pressure and get the best exercise experience, instead of being limited by the hole distance on the connected bar.

Six Handgrip Positions

In addition to the 15.75 IN top handgrip, the Sportsroyals parallel bars are also equipped with two 7.68IN side handgrips for each dip bar, which ensure that users will get the best exercise experience no matter they use only one dip bar or use 2 dip bars together.

3-Level Adjustable Height

The Sportsroyals dip bar can be adjusted within 30.07IN-34.64IN - 38.58IN, which allows people of different build to use, meanwhile efficiently avoid the knees hit the floor.

Adjustable Foot Cover

For un-flat floors, the adjustable foot cover will help you to keep the dip station stable. To keep the dip bars stable, just turn the pinion until all of the feet fully attached to the floor.

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Dr. Magilicutty
Good bars with great height adjustment, decent sturdiness and it's a space saver!

Easy to assemble and can be taken apart just as easily to be stored under the bed or elsewhere. Sturdy for dips but I wouldn't buy them for calisthenics. Even when assembled they don't take a lot of space since you can place them next to each other by the wall. They allow for the best height adjustment I came across which is very important if you are over 6'. Some other models may not be high enough which means that your knees will hit the floor when doing deep dips. Also you can change how far apart you want your bars which is great and was on my requirements list. They do have leg adjustment for uneven floor. I recommend placing them on a rug, carpet or yoga matt for improved stability and to eliminate any shake. Construction is solid and you can do additional exercises such as push up etc. which might be an additional + for some folks. To sum it up: + - Easy to assemble and take apart - Don't take a lot of space when assembled (which is not the case with some other models that are linked together - Two separate bars means you choose how wide you want your grip - Well made without defects - Excellent height adjustment - - Not the best stability even though it will work for the main exercise which is dips

Great quality

Overall is what I mention like title, great quality which is the most important. It's light weight to carry, but you could see the quality is pretty good. Even the form is high density. I like the color classic combination. It's very convienient to carry around and easy to assembly and height is adjustable. I have been used is for the past week and I feel very safe. It's better than one piece dip bar since you could adjust width. All family members could use

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