Doorway Pull Up

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  • Bar Length: 28.3''~36.2''(72cm-92cm)
  • High quality materials - Capacity up to 440lbs
  • Advanced structure - No screw and no trace Flexible using secne
  • WARNING: Not for Glass Doorframe, Hollowed Doorframe, Fragile Wall
  • Tip: If wallpaper or paint is attached to the wall, you can put thick papers on both sides to prevent scratches.


Innovative retainer designs to rhombus structure, will extend the extrusion pressure outward.
Parliamentary PVC high strength Oxford pad improves anti-skid durability and safety performance


With High density thread retractable rod, the retractable range is smaller, the wall is more compact and can be lengthened to 92cm/36.2 inch.


Absorbent and skid proof cotton pad is easy to disassemble and clean, easy to clean.


Stainless steel horn buckle is a two-way 360° locked horn preventing slippery, the security is greatly increased.
Made of stainless steel, 3.0 thickness of steel, rust-free, durable and safe.

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It's absolutely effective, and it's very reliable.

I've been using it for nearly a month, now I use it several times a week, and it's very strong. Put it in a standard doorframe, it must be inside. From my point of view, it won't damage the frame, but I won't put it in and take it out, it just stays on top. There are several disadvantages -It's not easy to put it in the doorframe and take it out. I don't want to do that every time I want to use it, so I might want to put it somewhere, there. -The grip is narrow, so it's good for sit ups, but not so good for sit ups. Of course, hammer pull ups don't have vertical grip. In general, if you have a door that can't accommodate the type, hook a good one around the door frame. I used to have one, but my new square door has so much decoration that it won't be allowed any more. It's absolutely effective, and it's very reliable.

Great product

Very sturdy and durable. I bought one before, but it couldn't stay when I used it. My weight is 180 lb. this one has much better quality and heavier. The structure is more reasonable. The only thing is you need to find some solid wall to put it, hollow ones may not a good place.

Ofitsports Doorway Pull Up Review
Bar + rings = awesome

Holds my body weight (175lbs.) no problem and feels sturdy. I've also attached rings for more exercises and still no issue

Conor C.
United States United States
pull up bar

it has been wonderful

Perfect! If you don't want your doorway ruined.

One would have to have incredibly narrow shoulders to use this as a pull up bar. The photo is not realistic, the guy has his arms so wide there is absolutely no way this is the same pull up bar. The furtherest your hands will be apart is 10 inches. For me to have good form for pull ups I need a solid 2 feet of space between my hands. The photo incredibly misleading but the measurements of the product are accurate so if you use a tape measure it will be obvious that the photo of the guy doing pull ups is unrealistic.The safety and use instructions provided with the product indicate a 300 pound limit. Contradicting the description here of 440 pounds.