COVID-19 Shipping FAQ


Q: How do I check my order status?
A: It’s simple, just click here.

Q: What takes you so long to provide the tracking number?
A: Due to the pandemic, although the staff in our warehouse packs products quickly, the number of staff sent by the express company to pick up the packages has been greatly reduced, so the time for us to provide the tracking number has also been prolonged.

Q: Why has my order been in the status of “shipment information sent to FedEx (or whatever courier companies)” for so long?
A: Because the pandemic in the area where our warehouse is located is relatively serious, the courier companies have also been affected. Being in the status of “shipment information sent to FedEx” does not mean that we haven’t ship your item out, but mean that we have delivered your item to FedEx who has not arranged the shipment we requested.

Q: How will you deal with the delay of shipping problems?
A: We can arrange a re-shipment for you if the extra additional delivery time is acceptable for you.