In order to offer our customers satisfactory exercise experience when they buy no matter what equipment, we have multiple different sub-brands that each brand focuses on developing only one kind of equipment. A single type of equipment allows each brand to spend more time and energy to perfect their equipment.



BCAN bends itself to develop trampolines that are safer and more comfortable during the using. Its trampolines are designed foldable to save space and installed anti-slid steel tube to protect the users.





CITYBIRDS applies itself to develop Power Tower Dips which are more stable and more ergonomic for its users. Its Power Tower Dips are with 4 adjustable heights and the “T” frame and 8 anti-slip cover make the items more stable to protect the users.




CYCLACE concentrates on developing stationary exercise bikes that can meet customers’ needs as much as possible. The phone holder, monitor and wide comfortable seat cushion provide more comfortable exercise experience. Also, the transportation wheels make it easier to move the bike.




 FLYBIRD devotes itself to develop weight benches that are more durable and more stable. Its benches are designed adjustable with 7 backrest positions, meeting users’ multiple training needs. Additionally, it can also be folded when users finish their training to save space.





OMA applies itself to develop treadmills which can provide the users with smoother running. Its treadmills are with monitors which can record users’ heart rate, the burning calories and distance the users have run. 3 manual adjustable inclines also offer more different running experience.





YOSUDA bends itself to develop stationary exercise bikes which offer smoother and funnier cycling for the users. Its bikes are equipped with LCD monitor which can record the time and speed, and iPad holders, where users can put iPads or phones on to watch videos or read while cycling.