Dip Adjustable Workout Parallel Bars

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Utility Gifts

The Corrugated Coating process makes these dip bars exquisite enough to be a nice gift. With these dip bars, you can do bar exercises, dips, push-ups, leg-raise.

4 Adjustable Heights

These adjustable dip bars can be adjusted height within 33IN-35IN-37IN-40IN. Such a wide height range can be easily fitted for the whole family's exercise needs.

Rapid Height Adjustment

The knob-pin fixed system and the scale indicator bar make it easy enough to adjusted height. In 1 minute, you can adjust the dip bars to different heights.

300 LBS Loading Capacity

The AKYEN dip bars are made of 1.5mm thickness SPHC steel pipe, and the base tube has a diameter over 5cm. The high-quality materials make it has a loading capacity of 300LBS. You felt its quality once you touch it.


In the connecting position, we put the 2.8cm pipe inside the 3.8cm pipe, and jam the gap tightly with a 0.5cm inner bushing. This clever design makes the dip bars remain stable in any case even it has 4 adjustable heights.

Keep Stable in Any Scenes

The 12-sided non-slip rubber feet have 6 different thicknesses to accommodate any uneven surface and solve wobble problems in seconds.

Long Handgrips

The UVA material handgrips are very thick and soft, which is effective in avoiding hand irritation. We had extended its length to care for your hands in a wider position. There is no need to worry about hand blisters even after a full day of continuous use.