Important announcement about changes to our brand name

Important announcement about changes to our brand name

Our brand and domain have changed. This is what you need to know

We are delighted to state that we have moved our online presence to a new brand. We have shifter Ofitsports brand name to a new brand Sportsroyals. The URL has changed to Our digital team has been working hard to create a better online experience for our customers.

Though there are no major changes in the layout and context, we have made it just a little easier for our customers and clients to find us online. Sportsroyals has always been a brand, and we are immensely proud to share this news with you.

Our active web interface adds rich content and easy navigation throughout the website. We have upgraded the vibrant graphics as well as the content to achieve a powerful and clear impact.

Our company is forecasting enormous growth in the coming years and we are striving to make this experience even better for our associates.

We urge you to explore our new website. We hope you like the changes. We would appreciate any kind of feedback. 

If you find any link that does not work, please contact us by

Happy surfing!