Do you feel like your workout routine has become stagnant? Have you hit a wall with your fitness goals, and lack ideas for ways to get back on track? If so, then this 7 day home workout plan is perfect for jumpstarting your fitness journey. Whether it’s getting stronger, gaining more muscular endurance, losing fat or all of the above - this comprehensive guide contains bodyweight exercises and HIIT routines specifically tailored to help you reach those desired results. With only 10-25 minutes per day, each day comes complete with moves that will work different muscle groups in order to keep progress coming while simultaneously avoiding muscle overtraining or boredom. So if you're ready to get back into shape and give yourself an epic kickstart towards better physical health, let's dive right into setting up a fun yet challenging 7-day exercise plan!


1. Day 1 - Upper Body Strength Training

A home workout plan is an efficient and cost-effective way to get fit. For those just starting out, Day 1 should include exercises focused on upper body strength training. Simple exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups are a great way to build strength in the arms and chest. As you progress, consider adding bicep or tricep curls with light dumbbells or resistance bands for more targeted strength building. For maximum benefit, be sure to incorporate a mix of exercises including cardiovascular and core strengthening activities into your weekly routine. Doing so will help you reach your workout goals quickly and effectively without the need for gym memberships or expensive equipment.


2. Day 2 - Cardio and Abs

Day two of your home workout plan focuses on getting your heart rate up with some cardio and follows it with strengthening your core muscles by performing abdominal exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are extremely important for optimal health and help to improve mood, digestion, sleep pattern, and reduce stress levels. When looking for a cardio option to add to your home workout plan, make sure you choose one that gets you out of breath and raises your heart rate to an appropriate level. After completing 15-20 minutes of cardio, focus on engaging your core by performing plank holds, mountain climbers, Russian twists or bicycles. Being consistent with these exercises will help tone your abdominal muscles and give you flat abs!


3. Day 3 - Lower Body Strength Training

An effective lower body strength training workout plan for day 3 should include exercises that focus on multiple muscle groups. These can include squats, calf raises, and other activities such as hip thrusts and lunges. Each of the exercises in this plan should be done with proper form to ensure maximum results. Additionally, it can be beneficial to set intervals or goals, such as doing each exercise for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off throughout the session. Also, make sure to rest your muscles after every session so you can stay energized for the next one. This type of strategy will help make sure you are getting the most out of your lower body strength training workouts.


4. Day 4 - Rest or Light cardio

Day 4 of a week-long home workout plan is the perfect time to appreciate the hard work you've put in over the last few days and give your body some much needed rest. You can either take this day off completely or do some light cardio, like going for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or doing some stretching exercises. Regardless of what you decide to do, it's important to be mindful of how your body feels and listen to what it needs. This rest day is just as important as any other hard-training day, so don't feel guilty if decide to relax completely!


5. Day 5 - Full Body Strength Training

Day four of your home workout plan should focus on full body strength training. This type of exercise will help to strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility, and prevent injury. The basic routine for this day should include warm up exercises like jogging in place, jumping jacks and high knees then move into some core moves such as squats, lunges, planks, and bridges. To finish your workout you may want to add a few arm and shoulder exercises such as bicep curls, tricep dips and shoulder presses. Remember to take breaks as needed while still pushing yourself. Following this plan consistently will help reach your fitness goals safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.


6. Day 6 & 7- Repeat Days 1-5

Finishing a full week's worth of workouts is a great accomplishment and should be rewarded. After 5 days of intense exercise, Days 6 & 7 of a home workout plan can be a much-needed break. Rather than take a full rest day, it’s recommended to repeat Days 1-5; moving through the same exercises but at a much slower and gentler pace. This helps maintain the muscles’ memory while still allowing your body to catch its breath since you are no longer pushing yourself as hard as on prior days. Taking it easy will ensure that you are fully recovered and energized for the next week's cycle of workouts!


Remember, it is always best to check with your doctor before starting any new workout routine. Depending on your current fitness level, you may want to start with fewer reps or lighter weights and gradually increase as you get stronger. And most importantly, have fun! Exercise should be something that you enjoy and look forward to, not a chore. With this week-long home workout plan, there’s no excuse not to get up and moving – your health (and body) will thank you for it!