5 fitness exercises that the whole family can do together

5 fitness exercises that the whole family can do together

Exercising with family is a great way to lead healthier lifestyles and spend quality time together. Not only does exercising as a collective help everyone reach their own unique goals faster, but it also increases team spirit! Whether you are looking to get into shape or have been working out for some time now, there’s an exercise that the whole family can enjoy doing together. Here’s our list of 5 exercises your whole family can do together – from jogging and swimming to stationary biking and martial arts! Read on for more details about each one so you and your loved ones can start stretching those muscles in no time!


1. Circuit training

Circuit training is an awesome way to get the whole family involved in fitness. It's a great workout that focuses on alternately doing aerobic and strength exercises in a circuit. Each member of the family can pick their own level for each exercise, so there's something for every level of fitness. And because it's done as a group with lots of switching off between exercises, circuit training can be really fun too! It teaches kids healthy habits at an early age, while adults get to enjoy some quality time exercising with their children. With circuit training everyone can benefit - no matter your age or fitness level - so why not give it a try today?


2. Yoga

Yoga makes an excellent choice for a family workout! It is an easy-to-learn and accessible form of exercise, accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Perfect for the whole family, yoga offers a wide range of health benefits - both physical and mental. Every practice can be tailored to the unique needs of each family member, and it's easily done in the comfort of your own home. Most yoga poses involve stretching and breathing exercises, making them calming practices that can safely produce a sense of relaxation. Whether done as part of a larger sequence or on their own, different poses can help strengthen muscles, improve balance, boost flexibility and promote overall wellbeing. Inviting everyone at home to try some gentle yoga postures together might just lead to creating lasting family bonds and special memories!


3. Running/walking

Running or walking can make for a fun family outing, as well as being one of the best at-home workouts possible. It is low-impact, easy to do anywhere and anytime, and helps to promote good health for everyone in the family. Plus, it’s quick to get started; all you need is a good pair of running shoes or comfortable walking shoes and you’re all set! Parents can also use this activity as an opportunity to chat with the kids about their day in an informal setting. Just remember to stay hydrated by taking water breaks along the way. Running/walking can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a larger workout regimen that includes other exercises like strength training, yoga, and more.



Swimming is a great choice for families that want to enjoy quality time while keeping active. Swimming is not only fun, but it also provides a full-body workout without putting too much stress on the joints. Not to mention, swimming can be easily tailored to every family member's skill level, age and fitness abilities. That makes it ideal for parents and kids, as well as elderly family members. Working out together in the pool can be beneficial both physically and mentally, as it encourages team spirit and strengthens the ties between family members. Everyone will benefit from a pleasant swim!



One fitness exercise that the whole family can do together is push-ups. A great workout for toning and strengthening arms, shoulders, chest, and core, push-ups are easy to modify for varied levels of fitness or age. The simplest way to incorporate them into a family routine is to designate an even number of repetitions that each person must do -- depending on their skill level this might be as few as five or as many as twenty! Then make a challenge out of it by seeing who can finish first; not only will this motivate fun competition, but it'll also help keep engagement up while still getting a great workout in.


Creating a fitness routine as a family has many benefits. It can help improve everyone's physical and mental health, strengthen bonds between family members, and provide quality time together. The five exercises listed above are all great options to consider when starting a family fitness routine. If you're not sure where to start, circuit training is a great option that incorporates different types of cardio and strength-training exercises. And if you want something more relaxed, yoga might be the perfect choice. No matter which exercise you choose, getting fit with your family is a fun and rewarding experience.