Do full body workout in the most scientific way

Do full body workout in the most scientific way

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a daily exerciser, it is still very important to exercise the muscle of your whole body in a balance way.

A series of scientific full-body workout method are especially effective for your muscle growth and strength. If you can work your entire body in every workout, you’ll get a balanced workout for your entire body.

In order to get the most effective exercise for you body, you need to focus on the major muscles in your body during each exercises.Your muscle growth and strength build up linearly and slowly, which wil not only look good in physique but also reduce injury from exercise.

1. Barbell bench press

This exercise mainly works the chest muscles, which can increase the size and thickness of your chest muscles. When you lift the bar while lying down, you need to focus on the middle of your sternum and chest, and this movement also works your shoulders and triceps.

Numerous studies have shown that this exercise is the number one exercises of all the chest exercises. Your also need to be careful about doing full range of motion when lifting the bar, unless you’re hurting your shoulder. In this way, your chest muscles can be exercised a lot more efficiently.

 2. Barbell back squat

This exercise works the quadriceps, glutes, and other lower body movement. When you are exercising, pay attention to the strength of the quadiceps, you can increase the activation of their activity. At the same time, it is also necessary to note that the squatting range needs to be larger, so that it is in place. It is the best to squat with your thighs parallel to the ground or with your butt below your knees. This kind of exercise will be twice as effective that if you don’t do it properly.

3. Pull-ups

Pull-ups are a great way to exercise the muscled behind, especially the lats, the largest muscle in the body. He also works your biceps.

When you feel that pull-ups are easy for you, attach weights to your body or place a dumbbell between our feet. If you find that pull-ups are difficult, you can use a resistance band to help you. Hang the resistance band on the lever, then step on the resistance band and use its elasticity to lift you up.

4. Lying dumbbell leg curls

Lie on the ground, face down. Put your feet together, hold a dumbbell between them. Then use your hamstrings on the back of your thighs to lift your feet up and then slowly lower them down.

Studies have shown that the aforementioned tow-back squat is only 27% effective in hamstring activation. In order to balance the muscles and prevent sports injuries, we need additional special exercises for the hamstring, which is the purpose of this training.

When doing this exercise, the thighs are eccentrically downward, so you need to control the force very slowly. The choice of dumbbells should also be from light to heavy to prevent sports injuries.

5. Standing overhead press

Although this is a compound exercise, this movement primarily works the upper body muscles. It primarily works your anterior deltoid, triceps, and serratus anterior. This exercise has been rated as the best exercise for working the front delts.

To progress, you can increase the weight a little bit. In addition to standing, you can also do this exercise sitting. So, you can choose your comfortable position to complete this movement. Introduce some other additional exercises to train other underlying muscles and allow your muscles to develop in a balanced way.

6. Face pull

This action is very important for the health of the shoulders and the correct shoulder posture. It mainly exercises the rear deltoid, middle and lower trapezius, and rotator muscles. You can perform these movements while standing or kneeling on your knees. You want to keep your elbows high and pull the rope back with your elbows. In the final position, your shoulders should be externally rotated without arching your waist.

7. Drag curls

Holding the barbell in both hands, feel the force of pulling your elbows toward the back of your body as you lift the barbell, and lift the barbell as high as possible. Don't start with a heavy barbell. This exercise mainly works the long head of the biceps.


The exercises described above, you can follow the instructions below to exercise in sequence. Each exercise is an alternation of upper body and lower body movements.

Of course, you can also change the order according to your own ideas.

The technique of this move is almost the same as pull-up at the beginning. When the highest point of the pull-ups is reached, the chest and triceps must be pushed down until the arm is straight. Once the arm lift is completed, a pull-up is complete. Sound difficult, right?

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